Who are you today?

The question for this theme are:

1) Do you know what your talents are?
2) Are you able to bring your talents to life?
3) What is going really well in your life today?
4) What do you find challenging and are you using your talents to help yourself?
5) Do you approach situations in your life the same way you would approach a game?

So why is it important to know what your talents and gifts are?
Most of us think that if we are lucky to have a good education and a job where we can earn a good living, then we have arrived financially, socially etc. For some that will indeed be the case, whilst for others they may feel unfulfilled, beacuse whilst they tend to be good at what they do, they are not feeling happy and energised by their work. Being good at something does not necesarily mean that it is your talent. You could be using a lot of your non-talents that you are really good at, which could lead to you eventually feeling unfulfilled by the work you do. Some questions to ask yourself are:    1) Are you happy and grateful to be doing the activities of your job? 
2) Do you feel your activities add value? 

3) Do your activities and the people you work with energize you/drain you? 

4) At the end of the day are you still flowing with energy? 

If you know what your talents are and have the opportunity to use them at work, you will experience a sense of inner peace, more confidence and more inspiring thoughts. you will experience less doubt and disempowering thoughts. You will have more happy days and feel that what you are doing is of value, which will motivate you even further. You will get energy from the activities you do. These are a few of the things that you could experience if the activities that you are doing are aligned with your natural talents and gifts. 

Knowing what your talents are is the first step. Being aware when you are using them (Talent in Action) is the second and appreciating your talents is the third step. Your talents will mean nothing if you believe they have no value, so it starts with you! Value what you have! Many people take their talents for granted, assuming others can do it just as well and therefore it’s not all that special, but the truth is that some of your talents have become such an integral part of who you are, that you are taking them for granted. Listening to yourself speak, is one of the ways in which you can become aware of your talents and your specific talent vocabulary. You will be amazed what you find out. Your talents are there to help you both in good and challenging times.

Whenever you find yourself in challenging situations, ask yourself to what degree you are consciously using your gifts and talents to navigate those situations. Start listening to the positive feedback you are receiving from others. What do they appreciate about you? You may think it is nothing but to them it could be a lot. Listen also to the criticism you are receiving and turn it around and discover what hidden talents are there and then brush up on those talent skills. 

Author: Esther Akpomukai