Team building and collaboration!

1) Would you like to get the right mix of people in your team through intelligent recruiting/internal talent mobility?
2) Does your team need to build resilience and stay vital?
3) Do you have a newly formed team that needs to get up to speed?
4) Does your team need to prepare for future changes?
5) Are you experiencing conflicts/underperformance in your team?

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We make use of powerful team analytical tools that provides insight on:

1) The composition of your team and whether it aligns with the team goals you are aiming to achieve 
2) The unique qualities of your team as well as the overused and untapped qualities
3) Qualities that you should take into account when hiring new people 
4) The success factors of top performing teams and how well your team is performing against those indicators
5) The career success factors and the unique core values of your team  
6) What steps you can take as a team to experience higher levels of performance, collaboration, vitality and engagement

Achieve higher performance in your team by optimising the collective talents!

Me and my talents

In this workshop, employees gain insight into their natural talents. We will explore how well and effective they are using their talents to achieve their personal goals. Each team member will gain insight into their talents, non-talents, career success factor, core values and the types of activities that they can excel in.

We and our talents

In this workshop, employees gain insight into the talents, non-talents and performance pitfalls of the team. They will explore how effectively they are using each others’ talents to achieve the team goals. They will gain insight into how they are performing on the key indicators for top performing teams and what they can do to increase their performance, collaboration and engagement.

Optimising our collective talents

This customised workshop builds on the workshop “We and our talents” The team will explore which project/ activities best suit which team member, not only based on technical expertise but also on their unique talents. This will enable them to achieve the team objectives in an efficient, creative and fun way.

“Esther is a person who combines a great passion for learning and development with a well-developed understanding of organisational issues. She is creative when it comes to designing learning & development solutions and very good at communicating with people from different levels and backgrounds”

Experience great collaboration in your team

Relationships can sometimes be experienced as complicated because we often think or feel that the problem lies with the other. “If only they would do this or that, then things would be okay” is a statement we often hear. Sometimes however, you know or feel that the ‘problem’ also lies with you, but you don’t know where or how to start. 

We as individuals have user guidelines, that we might not be fully aware of or that we do not communicate effectively with others. User guidelines in terms of cultural influences, intentions, values we care about, natural talents and our preferences such as communication styles, conflict styles, etc. 

All of these have an impact on how we think, feel and act and the outcomes we (co)create. These are important aspects to know about yourself first. From that vantage point you are better able to see the situation, yourself and the other person, enabling you to make choices with a higher chance of achieving your desired goal. 

This programme will help your team members:  1) Gain insight into their shared sense of purpose
2) Understand eachother’s ‘languages’ (looking at similarities and differences via an online assessment)
3) See and appreciate eachother from new perspectives
4) Build bridges where there is an intentional and value foundation
5) Communicate and cooperate effectively with each other

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