Building teams that collaborate effectively

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You are wondering if you have the right people and team composition to achieve your team goals

You are interested in intelligent recruiting and looking to optimise your internal talent mobility process

You are experiencing conflicts/underperformance in your team

You have a newly formed team that needs to get up to speed

You would like your team to become more resilient and motivated

Your team need to prepare for future changes

We make use of powerful team assessments that give insight on: 

1) The unique qualities of your team as well as the untapped qualities
2) Qualities that you should take into account when hiring new people
3) How your team is performing on indicators of top performing teams
4) The career success factors and the core values of your team
5) What steps you can take as a team to experience higher levels of performance, collaboration, vitality and engagement

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The talents of your team members influence the culture and performance of your team. Sign up today for our talent-based team enhancement program if you would like your team members to discover and optimise their talents!

Me and my talents

This workshop gives employees insight into their natural talent profile. They will explore how well they are currently using their talents to achieve their goals. Their talents, potential performance limiters, career success factors and personal values will be explored as well their next development steps so they can work effectively with their colleagues, deliver extraordinary results based on their competencies and natural strengths and experience greater job fulfillment.

We and our talents

This workshop gives employees insight into the talents and performance pitfalls of the team. They will explore how effectively they are using their talents to achieve the team goals. They will gain insight on the key indicators for top performing teams and what they can do to boost their performance, collaboration and engagement. The team will explore which projects best suit which team member, not only based on their technical expertise but also on their unique combination of talents.

Effective collaboration – making diversity work

This programme will enable your team members to get insight into their shared sense of purpose; understand eachother’s ‘unique language’; ‘see’ and appreciate eachother from new perspectives; build bridges where there is a foundation of intention and values; learn to cooperate effectively with each other

The power of team synergy lies in getting to know your team members, wanting to work with them, and consciously utilising collective talents and compensating weaker areas

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