TalentPredix™ certification training

The next generation of talent assessments!

TalentPredix™ is shaping the future of talent recruitment and development! It is based on the latest developments in behavioral science and helps organisations optimise the following areas: • Connecting with others • Delivering meaningful results • Navigating Change • Problem Solving.  

We provide certification training to HR professionals, recruiters and managers who are looking to transform the way their organization hires, develops, and mobilizes their people. TalentPredix™ is a predictive assessment that helps you identify standout candidates. It measures key factors that predict high performance and career success and helps build high-performing, diverse and inclusive teams that can navigate change and achieve exceptional results. By giving you insight into the talents, career success drivers and personal values of your employees, TalentPredix™ brings out the best of your people!

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Become certified in TalentPredix™ and transform the way your organization hires, develops and mobilizes their people and leaders


To ensure professional use of our assessments and maintain high standards, we require all TalentPredix™ practitioners to be trained and certified. When you are qualified as a certified practitioner, you will be proficient in interpreting the TalentPredix™ report and using it to bring about positive change for individuals, teams and organisations.


Our certification programme is ideal for managers and HR-professionals such as People & Culture partners, L&D partners, Talent Management partners, Recruiters, Coaches & Trainers, Organisational consultants, and anyone wanting to improve the way they hire, develop, and manage people.  


We provide two types of certification training.

The first one is the open registration certification training which costs €795,- per person excl. VAT.

We also provide in-company certification training for groups up to 10 people.  The price is €925,- per person, excl. VAT and travel expenses.


1) Your personal TalentPredix™ assessment. 
2) Two assessments for practice after the certification training. 
3) Access to the TalentPredix™ platform where you can self-manage your projects. 
4) Membership to our exclusive TalentPredix™ practitioners network


The open registration certification training takes about 10 hours. This includes pre-work, a 6-hour online workshop, and follow-up practice.

The in-company certification training 
takes about 12 hours. This includes pre-work, a 8 hour workshop delivered either online or in-person and follow-up practice.

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