Talent-based performance conversations

Approaching performance conversations in a broader way

Performance conversations are still overwhelmingly based on the past, on deficits, and on a one-way perspective from the manager. Become an organisation where performance conversations are based on optimally deploying the natural talents of employees in addition to their technical competences and where employee ownership for performance and growth is effectively facilitated!

Talent-based performance conversation workshop

During the talent-based performance conversation workshop you will learn how to conduct empowering performance conversations that are more positive, prospective, and partnership-based, enabling employees to optimize their talents and perform at their best.

You will learn how to become better at diagnosing blockers to high performance and ways to skilfully tackle underperformance and disengagement. You will explore the manager’s role in creating the conditions for trust and high performance and how to frame performance conversations and apply effective feedback and feedforward. You will experience an increase in self-awareness and learn how to motivate positive change.

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Details of the workshop

Workshop type: In-company
Target audience: Managers. & HR Business Partners
Format: Online or in-persoon
Duration: 4 hours
Investment: €600,= per persoon (excl. vat)
Group size: Minimal 4 participants
What will you get: 
1) Your own TalentPredix assessment
2) A workbook
3) Tools to embed your learning

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