Strengthscope is based on positive psychology and gives individuals, teams and leaders insight into their unique qualities. It helps people unlock their passion and energy so that they can achieve peak performance in areas that are better aligned with their talents and personality.

Our strengths are
underlying qualities that energize us and we are great at (or have the potential to become great at)!

You are truly unique!

No two “strengths” profiles are the same. Strengths-based assessments assume that we are all unique and that the path to success is different for each one of us.

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It is about you as a person

We often focus on the specific skills, knowledge and behaviors that we associate with success in a particular position. However, unlike competencies, strengths relate to you as a person and not to your job title.

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Competencies vs. strengths

Whilst our strengths reflect what energizes us, competencies are learned skills, knowledge and behaviors we have developed over the years. We are therefore not necessarily energized by our competencies in the same way as our strengths. You can learn to excel at something, but if you don’t use your natural strengths in doing so, you may have achieved a great performance, but it probably also cost you a lot of energy.

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Source of intrinsic motivation and energy

Strengths are those qualities that constantly motivate and energize you throughout your life and career. Strengths boost your performance by giving you energy to stick with the task and learn new skills and productive habits so you can perform even better in these areas. When we are doing work that plays to our strengths, we feel more engaged and happy in our jobs and lives.

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With Strengthscope® you are not a type of color or person

Strengthscope® is a talent instrument that is based on positive psychology and respects the complexity of humans. You will get insight into the totality of your strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls. It gives you insight into how your strengths interact with each other depending on the context and how that can impact the quality of your performance, relationships and sense of well-being.

The most complete strengths assessment system!

With Strengthscope® you can get insight into the qualities of your employees, teams and managers with one single method! So you don’t need to use different instruments each time for the different target groups within your organization. With Strengthscope you can optimize the performance and energy of your employees.

A valid and reliable psychometric instrument

Strengthscope® is the only strengths assessment in the world approved by the British Psychology Society as a valid and reliable psychometric instrument to provide insight into the strengths profile of individuals, executives and teams.

Strengths-based programs are one of the fastest growing trends in human resources as research shows they can yield significant improvements in engagement and productivity of around 40%

What is Strengthscope®?

By helping you to better understand your strengths, Strengthscope® enables you to find tasks and opportunities that are more natural to you and helps develop your strengths into areas of excellence. Strengthscope® will help you optimise your performance and energy at work by improving your understanding of: 

1) Your unique strengths and how to optimize these to achieve exceptional results 

2) Risk areas to peak performance together with powerful ways to reduce the impact of these 

3) Positive ways of working that will improve confidence, motivation and success in any situation 

4) How to strengthen relationships and work more effectively with people whose strengths are different from yours

The strengths-based approach

Strengths-based programs are one of the fastest growing trends in human resources and for good reason as research shows they can yield significant improvements in engagement and productivity of around 40%. The central premise is that focusing on strengths is a more powerful way of accelerating learning and performance in organizations because it unlocks people’s passion and energy, helping them achieve excellence in areas more aligned with their natural strengths and personality.

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