Team building

Do you have a brand-new team that needs to get up to speed? Or are you experiencing conflicts and underperformance in your team? Or is your team actually doing great, and you would like your team to go to its next level? Whatever your situation, collaboration and communication are important aspects of a successful team. Diversity in personalities and the way it shows up in behavior is one of the reasons why teams struggle with collaboration. A lot of time and effort is waisted when team members don’t work effectively, not to mention the impact it has on team performance and staff morale. With our team building program, teams are able to leverage the power of diversity to bring about higher quality team collaboration and effectiveness.

Talent awareness workshop for teams

We offer tailor-made talent awareness workshops to teams that would like to gain more insight into the diversity within their teams and harness its power. They will expore how they can effectively use their talents to experience better team collaboration, higher performance, more mutual trust, engagement and well-being.

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Intervision training & facilitation

Intervision is a great way to critically reflect on your actions together with others in a safe environment and in a structured way, to support your professional growth. You will learn how to structure your conversations to get the optimal result! Intervision can be used for upskilling and quality improvement of processes and projects.

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