Realise your professional ambitions with your natural talents

Realise your professional ambitions in an authentic way whilst maintaining a healthy balance with your private life.

This coaching programme will give you powerful insights into your natural talents, your unique career success factors and core values that drive key decisions in your professional and private life. The quality of your decisions is one of the key factors in experiencing a fulfilling career. It will give you insight into the beautiful qualities you carry with you and how you can use them to achieve your goals!

By consciously using your talents at work, you will feel more energized, creative, confident and experience higher levels of sustained performance and engagement.

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“Esther taught me to see my true value and seize my full potential. Thanks to her coaching and advice I was able to launch my own enterprise and believe in my own ideas. I would strongly recommend Esther to anyone who needs guidance and support in finding their way in personal and career development”

After attending this coaching programme, you will

1. Gain insight into your natural talents and your untapped potential
2. Learn how to achieve your professional goals with more ease 
3. Learn to make authentic choices and stay true to yourself 
4. Become aware of your sabotaging behaviors and learn how to deal with them effectively
5. Gain insight into your proven success habits and how you can consciously use them to achieve your professional goals 

In this programme, you will receive:
1. Your report with your talents, career success factors and core values
2. Five coaching sessions of 1,5 hours each, can also take place online
3. Powerful exercises to activate your talents and potential
4. E-mail support between coaching sessions

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What clients say…

“Integrity, holistic and original – these three words represent my personal experience on Esther’s coaching. In the four years that I’ve known and worked with Esther on multiple occasions, I can sincerely say that Esther is someone who consistently demonstrates a high level of integrity in her action. One of the reasons Esther is such an effective coach lies in her holistic approach to things. When working with Esther, you will end up growing in multiple dimensions. What separates Esther from the other coaches that I’ve encountered is her original/non-conventional wisdom. Drawing from her own vast life experiences, Esther always manages to help me look at things from different perspectives. Some of the insights I’ve learned from Esther include using my strengths more effectively at work, showing up authentically in any circumstances, and dealing with challenges in a healthy and comprehensive manner. If you have the opportunity to work with Esther, I would recommend that you take it as it will be one of the most worthwhile investments in your personal development.”



“I very much enjoyed working with Esther. Her broad professional experience and corporate background allows her to combine valuable work related insights and methodologies with a personal approach. In my job I am confronted with many challenges on a day-to-day basis, as a result I was struggling with my career-planning, personal growth and professional development. Through Esther’s coaching, a blend of creating self-awareness, job-crafting and growing personal leadership skills, she helped me bring back focus in my daily work and find answers to the challenges I was struggling with. Furthermore, Esther’s coaching also distinguishes itself by incorporating both professional goals and personal ambitions. As a result of my sessions with her I am now more confident, effective and happy in both my work and my life”



“Esther is one of the most professional and very pleasant persons which I have met. She was my coach during some time. The task was not easy because she coached me via phone and we had not met before. So she did not know me at all. I also should add that we live in different countries. I am in Russia and Esther in the Netherlands. It took only couple calls after which I started filling like we worked together for a long time and she knew me very well. She understood my concerns from the first words and gave very important comments and advises which helped me very much and continue helping. She showed me my strengths and thought how to use them. We discussed different situations at work. Her advises helped me to define proper solutions. Esther is very care about people and always ready to give her knowledge, skills and I suppose very often heart to help them to achieve their goals at work and what is the most important in their lives”



“The sessions with Esther have helped me immensely in finding myself, letting go of weighty baggage from the past, letting go of negative experiences and opening my heart so that resentment loses out against forgiveness and thus find inner peace. Esther’s positive and calming energy helped me tremendously in discussing topics that had been oppressed for years and were increasingly heavy on the stomach. She gives you the right tools, but above all the right attitude, to tackle emotional issues at the source and thus let the past rest step by step. Despite the fact that I have made great leaps, my self-image has improved enormously and, above all, love myself, I still work on myself every day. Partly thanks to Esther’s coaching and advice, I wake up positively every day and face the day with my head held high. Highly recommended as far as I am concerned, because my course on the path of life is now overloaded with love and sunshine. Thank you Light Up Your Talent, and of course Esther! Literally life changing!”



“After years of creating and working towards my goals, I started doubting. Am I being realistic? Are my dreams realistic? Will I be able to reach my goals? Or am I being naive and will I find myself years from now being left with nothing but the sense of a lot of wasted time and money, needing to start all over again? What in the world am I doing with my life? A friend of mine recommended Light Up Your Talent. Immediately after the first conversation, I knew it was the right thing for me to start this journey with Esther. At the end of the ride, I can say, smiling: My goals are unchanged, but realistically designed. Esther has asked me the right questions and gave me the right tasks to make me believe in myself again. I know now why I have the dreams and the goals that I have, and she helped me reassure myself that I have got what it takes”



Esther taught me to see my true value and seize my full potential. Thanks to her coaching and advice I was able to launch my own enterprise and believe in my own ideas. I would strongly recommend Esther to anyone who needs guidance and support in finding their way in personal and career development”



“I have experienced the coaching sessions with Esther as very pleasant. I had no idea what to expect from Esther as a coach. After I did the strengthscope, the results weren’t surprising. I have had several training and many feedback sessions to discover and get to know myself. Based on the results of the strengthscope we started the coaching sessions. Esther and me clicked right away and I think that is a condition for the coaching sessions to be successful and for building up a relationship of trust. One of the questions was are the qualities that I have learned or are innate. Surprisingly, I found out together with Esther, who kept asking questions and by listening carefully I found out that a number of qualities were learned by the situation, environment in which you grew up and how you were raised. I had six sessions in which the qualities were well discussed with the result that you were confronted with yourself. As a result of which the sessions made me more aware of how I could make better use of my qualities. I have also become more aware to make better choices and to enjoy your qualities. During one of these sessions we looked back on my life, what were my successes and success factors and what were my lows. What have I learned from it and what qualities have I used to achieve my successes. Esther guided me through that process well and took me back into my life. I am not afraid to look back and I am proud of what I have achieved. Esther helped me to make me aware of my qualities, to be proud of myself, which makes you a happier person. Esther Thank you very much… .. Thank you for your coaching, your feedback, your energy, your positivity, your tips… you have made me a happier person”



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