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We develop and implement talent-based
leadership and team development programs

This program will contribute to increased self-awareness as employees will become more aware of their strengths and the added value to the team and the business. It will also contribute to increased accountability and job satisfaction as employees will discover what actions to take to positively impact their experience at work i.e., individual and team performance, relationships, wellbeing.

Our service package includes managing the assessment program, giving individual feedback sessions, conducting profile analysis, and facilitating team workshops.

. Completing the assessments
We make use of different assessments depending on the goals of the organisation. Most assessments can be done at an individual, team or leader level and gives insights on different aspects, such as talents, strengths, career succes drivers, personal values etc. You can also choose to receive feedback from your colleagues, clients and stakeholders on how effective you are using your strengths and talents at work and how you can optimise these further. 

2. Individual feedback sessions 
Each team members receives an (online) strengths feedback session of 1,5 or 2 hours, so they can maximise their understanding of their strengths profile and how they can effectively apply it at work. Their strengths and potential performance risks will be explored as well their next development steps so they can work effectively with their colleagues and deliver extraordinary results based on their competencies and natural strengths. 

3. Profile analysis  
As part of the program, employees will receive their assessment reports. We have seen that there is a need for a more customised and in-depth analysis of their strengths profile. Through the analysis, employees gain insight into how their strengths interact with eachother and the possible impact this can have on their performance, relationships and well-being. We give tips on how to optimize their strengths and reduce performance risks.  

4. Team workshop 
In this half-day team workshop, the team members will gain insight into the strengths profile of each individual and the team. They will explore how each team member can be of value to the team, by linking their personal strengths to the team agenda and aspirations and capturing actions. They will explore how to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other given the diversity of strengths within the team. They will gain insight into what top performing teams do and how well they are preforming on these indicators. 

5. Managing the assessment program
As the assessment project needs to be managed by an accredited practitioner, organisations can choose to outsource this to us which can entail the following: sending invitations to employees to complete the assessments, e-mail support for employees, tracking and managing completion rate, sending reports to employees, and sending progress updates to program sponsor/owner.

The assessments we use


Unleash the hidden energy inside your organisation and make an impact with a strengths! Strengthscope® provides insight into what energises and motivates people to perform at their best. It helps individuals, leaders and teams identify what makes them truly unique and how they can bring the best of who they are to work.

Strengthscope 360 – This assessment helps employees identify the qualities that make them unique. It enables them to have honest, authentic conversations about who they really are, what they love doing and how they can bring the best of who they are to their work. It takes about 25 min., and they will have the opportunity to nominate up to 15 people to give feedback on their strengths and how they can optimize these further.

Strengthscope Leader – This assessment helps leaders identify their unique qualities as a leader and how they can inspire their team to deliver great value to their clients and stakeholders. It takes about 40 min., and they will have the opportunity to nominate up to 20 people to give feedback on their strengths and how they can optimize these further.

Strengthscope Team – This assessment is for teams that are curious to know how each team member’s strengths impacts the performance and culture of the team. Teams wanting to delve deeper into why they behave the way they do and how to build positive habits that will ensure high performance and engagement levels and optimisation of talent and diversity. This assessment takes about 5-10 minutes. 

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TalentPredix™ is shaping the future of talent assessment! It helps you discover and optimize the unique talents of your employees, teams and organization. It is accurate and backed by the latest behavioural science.

It provides insight at three levels:
1. Talents
2. Career success drivers
3. Personal values.

This allows you to not only select the right people for your business but also to bring out the best in your people by unleashing their potential enabling better performance and engagement levels.

Selecting the right talent – TalentPredix™ is a predictive assessment that helps you select standout candidates by discovering their unique talents and potential and linking it the the requirements of a role.

Advancing your career – TalentPredix™ is a powerful psychometric assessment that measures key factors that predict standout performance and career success.

Developing teams – TalentPredix™ helps build high-performing, diverse and inclusive teams that optimize the unique talents of team to overcome problems, navigate change and achieve exceptional results.

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What clients say…

“I’ve worked with Esther for the last few months and her support has been invaluable. I reached out to Esther for consultancy support to upskill the team on strengths based coaching and development of strengths based leadership workshops. Esther has not only given us the confidence and skills to deliver but also has gone over and beyond with the resources she procured to enable us to continue to deliver and support our teams internally. I really appreciate the knowledgeable and expertise that Esther brings and her caring, people centric approach.”

Learning and development gloabl director

“Esther has been a great source of knowledge in helping analyse the Strengthscope profile for a number of leaders in the organisation. She has helped design an awesome group dynamic session which helped the team to establish more trust and understand each other better. She is a truly L&D partner who can approach matters from both a strategic and a practical point of view.”

SVP People & Culture Europe and Global Org/Talent

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