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Discover your talents


Our talents come so natural to us that we often take them for granted. Knowing and consciously applying your natural energizers and talents can have a major impact on how you experience achieving your goals in life.

Come to this workshop if you would like to be introduced in a fun and yet deep way to the concept of energizers and talent potential and and what it can mean for you. You will understand what the impact can be when you use your strengths in overdrive and also where you loose energy or get drained. Having this insight can help you make better choices every day with the people you engage with, be it at work, at home or with friends.

For many it will be an eye opener. In essence, participants will experience increased self-knowledge and a stronger sense of direction and focus. They will also understand how to have more effective and harmonius relationships with others.

What clients say:

“The training was very interesting; it taught me to see things in another perspective. The way Esther gave the training was very professional and relaxed at the same time”

“I've learned to make a complete team with a dreamer, realist and a do'er. I am going to use that for my projects”

“I highly recommend taking the Discover your natural talents' Training. Excellent tutor with in-depth knowledge and expertise”

“Was a very informative and interesting training in which I was able to reflect upon myself and others (as well as laugh); good training session!”

“Keep those interaction workshops coming. It is such a great way of getting to know the people you work with”

The Trainer

Esther Akpomukai founded Light Up Your Talent in 2012, a strengths-based people development company that supports individuals, leaders & teams in becoming aware of their natural talents and strengths and successfully applying them in pursuit of their goals. Besides her focus on bringing talent & self awareness to people, Esther is also specialized in training managers in adopting a more coaching based leadership style with 'The Art of Coaching' being one of her flagship products.

Esther's professional career spans over 15 years in the banking and consumer electronics industry in which she covered roles ranging from marketing to HR. Her previous roles within the banking industry included being the Vice President for HR Learning and Development where she had a global governance role and was responsible for the Learning & Development, Talent Management and Employee Engagement policies. Her role also included coaching high potentials and supporting senior executives through various leadership team development and organizational culture transformation initiatives.

Esther is a person who combines a great passion for learning and development with a well-developed understanding of organizational issues. She can zoom in on particular learning questions AND see the 'big picture'. That makes her a great partner to work with both for line managers and for participants of any learning programme. Good at listening and with an easy smile, Esther is someone who is not only good at supporting others at learning, but also is a learner at heart herself.

In terms of qualifications, Esther has a M.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a specialization in Leadership as well as a professional degree in Corporate Education. She is a certified Strengthscope® Master Practitioner and NLP practitioner.


  • An increased ability to make better choices in alignment with your true talent potential

  • You will have increased knowledge of your natural energizers and talent potential, especially your hidden ones

  • A stronger sense of direction and focus in life

  • Improved personal effectiveness

  • Increased capacity to interact positively with others

For whom

  • Students

  • Employees who want to have a fun discovering their natural talents


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    The workshop will take place at the Amstelveen Business Centre. Startbaan 8, 1185 XR Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

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    We also offer customized in-company training for groups of up to 25 people.
    Send an e-mail to info@lightupyourtalent.com for more information and to receive a quotation.

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