Team programmes for better coorperation, higher performance and more engagement! (also offered online)

Me and my talents!

In this workshop, employees gain insight into their strengths. We will explore how well and effective they are using their strengths to achieve their personal and team goals. Each team member will gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses, perfomance pitfalls and the activities that energize them where they can excel in.

We and our talents!

In this workshop, employees gain insight into the strengths, weaknesses and performance pitfalls of the team as a whole. We will explore how effectively the team members are using each others’ strengths to achieve the team goals. They will gain insight into how they are performing on the indicators for top performing teams and what they can do to increase their performance, energy and engagement.

Making our talents work for us!

This workshop builds on the workshop “We and our talents!” We look at which team members best suits which project/ activities, not just based on their professional and technical expertise but also based on their unique personal qualities. This workshop programme will enable team members to achieve the team objectives in an efficient, creative and fun way.

Integral leadership development programme

Workshop & coaching programme on talent oriented leadership that looks into the strengths approach and the benefits for individuals, leaders and teams. Every leader gets insight into their strengths and performance pitfalls through a personal assessment. They gain insight into what top-performing leaders do and how they are currently scoring on these indicators. They will also receive tips on how to improve their effectiveness and engagement as a leader.

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