Team collaboration

Do you recognise this?

  • You have a brand-new team that needs to get up to speed
  • Your team is experiencing conflicts /underperformance
  • Your team is not communicating/collaborating effectively
  • Your team is doing great, however you would like to take your team to it’s next level

“She helped us to see and honour more facets of our personalities and at the same time to learn how we can leverage from our strengths as a team”

The team program

This program is designed for teams that are looking to discover and effectively apply the talents within the team. They will explore the key success habits that enable teams to experience more trust, better collaboration, higher performance and a sense of wellbeing. The program consists of online talent assessments, individual feedback/coaching sessions and three workshops.

Online talent assessments – We make use of different assessments depending on the goals of the team. The assessments have a 360 feedback component and can give insights into the natural talents and strengths, career drivers & personal values of the employee, teams and leaders.

Individual feedback session – Each team member receives an online feedback session to maximise their understanding of their talent profile and how they can effectively apply their talents at work. In addition they will get insight into how their talents interact with each other and the environment and the impact it can have on their performance, relationships and wellbeing. They will receive tips on how to optimise their talents and mitigate performance risks.

The workshops – The focus of these workshops is on building the team spirit and enhancing collaboration, communication and wellbeing within the team. After attending the workshops, team members will be more aware of their talents and will have learned what actions to take to positively impact their work experience when it comes to their performance, relationships and personal wellbeing.


The person behind the role

In the first workshop, the team will get to know each other from a talent perspective, i.e. the person behind the role. They will explore how they can be
of value to the team, by linking their personal talents to the team tasks and capturing actions. They will explore how to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other given the diversity of talents within the team


The collective talents of the team

The second workshop focusses on the collective talents of the team. Questions such as: how equipped is the team to deliver upon its objectives will be explored. They will look into what steps they can take to optimise their team strength, reduce performance risks and initiate complementary partnerships that will increase the overall performance & engagement level of the team


Habits for successful teams

During the third workshop, the team will get insight into the KEY team habits that drive high performance and engagement levels. They will discover what is holding their team back (blockers) and what is propelling it forward (enablers). They will explore which new habits to adopt, which to maintain and which to stop to take their team to it’s next level

The relationship between talent optimisation and innovation

On a daily basis, most people are in execution mode performing their tasks, spending little time in reflective mode to synthesise what they are going through, to work more effectively. They tend to take their talents for granted and invest little in optimising their talents. By using their talents more consciously and by better matching them to their tasks, they can be of real value to the team and the organisation. In the short term, execution mode pays off as the requirements of the day are met, but on the long run, employees do not optimally build on their innovative power, which negatively affects the organisation ability to respond optimally to it’s environment. Matching tasks and with the unique talents of employees, is not a one-off exercise, but rather a way of working, which requires both management and employees to adopt new competences to create and nurture such a supportive environment.

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