Navigating work opportunities

Do you recognise any of these?

  • You would like to advance your career and are looking for professional support to determine and take your next steps
  • You have recently been promoted/started a new job and would like professional support to have a good start
  • You would like to prepare for interviews by crafting your professional brand
  • You are experiencing challenges at work (colleagues, stress, etc) and are looking for support with the situation
  • You have recently become a parent and are finding it difficult to juggle the different aspects of your life and could use professional support
  • You would like to develop positive habits and let go of weighty baggage from the past, so it does not affect your work

“She helped me explore the deeper meanings of my emotions, I got out of the sessions feeling more equipped and confident”

Experience our transformational coaching program

The coaching program is custom made and depends on your needs. It can vary between 3 to 5 sessions covering any of the topics mentioned above. As part of the programme, you will get the opportunity to fill in an online assessment that will give you insight into your natural talents, your development potential as well as your career success drivers. The sessions are online and take an hour. In between the sessions you will receive e-mail support and exercises to boost your development process. After completing the program, you will:

Gain insight into your unique talents and strengths

Learn how to use your talents to boost your career and wellbeing

Be able to achieve your goals with more ease

Become aware of your sabotaging behaviours and learn how you can bring positive changes into your life

Get insight into your stress factors and know how to strengthen your natural resilience

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