Leading diverse teams

Do you recognise this?

  • You are struggling to manage and motivate your team with its diversity of personalities, experience and backgrounds
  • You are wondering which leadership style to use to motivate your team
  • You would like to know which team members to allocate to which task for better performance and engagement

“In my job I am confronted with many challenges on a day-to-day basis… Esther helped me bring back focus in my daily work and find answers to the challenges I was struggling with”

The program

This program is custom made depending on your specific needs and situation. It can cover any of the topics mentioned above and can consists of multiple half-day sessions.

As part of the program, your managers will be offered an online leadership assessment. This will give them insight into their natural talents, how to optimise these, and the key people leadership metrics to adopt to bring about positive changes in their team.

Each manager will also receive a talent capacity scan, giving them insight into:

  • Their team’s ability to achieve it’s objectives with the current talent pool
  • How to optimise the talents within their team for better performance, collaboration & team synergy
  • Why their team is facing certain challenges and how to mitigate this
  • What qualities to look out for when recruiting new team members to complement the strength of their team(s)
  • Whom to allocate to which role/project for optimal performance and engagement

After attending the masterclass

Managers will be able to:

  • Know how to incorporate their unique talents into their leadership role to have a positive impact on their team and the business
  • Conduct effective and engaging performance & development conversations with their team members with REAL impact
  • Uniquely motivate each team member given their talent profile and facilitate them in working in a more synergistic way
  • Determine the specific qualities to recruit for (besides technical expertise) that will complement the team strength
  • Know which team members to allocate to which project based not only their technical expertise but also on their natural talents & career drivers

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