Managing your energy and stress levels

Do you recognise this?

> You are experiencing a lot of stress currently at work and are looking for professional support to reduce your stress levels

> You are struggling to remain motivated at work and sometimes feel bored and are looking for professional support to help you bring back more joy in your work

> You would like to have more knowledge and skills on how to function well during times of stress and change and how you can generally feel better

> You would like to know what your natural energy resources are and how you can use them to be more resilient in times of stress and change

Managing stress and increasing your energy levels!

This coaching programme is custom made depending on your specific needs and can cover any of the topics mentioned above. As part of the coaching programme, you will get the opportunity to complete an online assessment, that will give you insight into your natural energy resources, your energy drainers and your core values that drive key decisions in your professional and private life. You will receive three coaching sessions of 1,5 hours each, which can also take place online.  Inbetween the coaching sessions you will receive e-mail support and powerful exercises to support you in your growth process.

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After attending this coaching programme, you will:

Learn to recognize and acknowledge the symptoms of stress

Get insight into your unique stress factors and how you can handle stress better

Learn what resilience is and how you can naturally strengthen your resilience

Learn how to change your current behaviour and bring in new positive changes in your life

What clients say…

“Esther has this rare combination of being calm, non-judgmental, radiates positive energy and is goal-oriented. She actively listens to you and is able to visualize your personal energy drivers and drainers with the right tools and techniques. I have had good conversations with Esther every single time in my coaching sessions from which I have come away with something tangible that I could implement in my daily life. The insights that I gained are things that I can put in practice at either a personal or organizational level. I would highly recommend Esther to anyone looking for personal / organizational coaching”


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