Embark on a journey that will shine light on your natural talents!

You will essentially be going on a journey of self discovery and empowerment. A journey where you will pass through the following five stages:  finding yourself, recognizing yourself, accepting yourself, developing yourself and strengthening yourself. You will learn to make authentic choices that will have a positive impact on your personal and professional life.

We will facilitate you in activating your talents and your creative power so you can consciously live the life you desire!

By going through the coaching programme, you will:

1. Know what your strengths and talent potential are
2. Learn to consciously use your strengths in achieving your goals
3. Learn about your sabotaging behaviors and how to release them
4. Get insight into your success habits and how to use them more consciously in achieving your goals

What will you receive?
1. Your report with your unique qualities
2. Five (online) coaching sessions of 1 hour
3. Powerful exercises to activate your talents
4. E-mail support between the coaching sessions

“Esther taught me to see my true value and seize my full potential. Thanks to her coaching and advice I was able to launch my own enterprise and believe in my own ideas”

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