Embark on a coaching journey that will shine light on and bring deeper meaning to your life!

By going through a coaching program at Light Up Your Talent, you essentially are going on a journey of self discovery and empowerment.

You will learn to make choices from a place of your authentic self that has far reaching impact on your personal and professional life.
We will guide you with respect and facilitate you in the activation of your creative power so you can consciously lead the life you desire!

In essence, you will go through the journey of:
1) Finding yourself
2) Recognizing yourself
3) Accepting yourself
4) Developing yourself
5) Strengthening yourself

De coachingsprogramma

After completion of the coaching programme, you will
1. Know what your talent (potential) and gifts are
2. Get insight into the activities that energise you / de-energise you
3. Get insight into the activities where you will excel with ease 
4. Become aware of your sabotaging behaviors and learn how to release them
5. Get insight into your success habits and how you can use them more consciously to achieve your goals in life
6. Be able to make choices that are in alignment with your passion, your values and your talents, in other words your authentic self

What will you receive?
1. Your report with your unique qualities 
2. Five (online) coaching sessions of 1 hour (every two weeks) 
3. Powerful exercises to activate your talents 
4. E-mail support between the coaching sessions

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