Leading your team through change

Do you recognise this?

  • Your team members are not willing to go along with the change
  • You are looking for a way to connect authentically with your team, so that they are more eager to develop themselves and embrace change
  • You would like to create a positive team climate that is change agile

How are you currently mobilising growth and change within your team?

The change program

The change program is custom made and depends on the specific organisational context and needs of your team. It can consist of online talent assessments, individual coaching sessions for the leader and team members, team workshops and intervision sessions.

The assessment and the coaching sessions will give the team members insight into their natural talents and how they can use their talents to enhance their experience and wellbeing as they go through change.

The leader will receive tools and get insight on how to motivate their team members given their unique talent profiles and what talent language to use to mobilise change in a positive and authentic manner.

The leader will also receive a talent capacity scan, giving insight into:

  • The talents that are available within the team that they can call on to stimulate growth and accelerate the adoption of change
  • The development potential of the team that has not yet been utilised that the leader can focus on
  • Why the team is facing certain challenges and how to mitigate this
  • What qualities to look out for when recruiting new team members to complement the team strength

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