Authentic and effective leadership

Do you recognise this?

> You have just been promoted to a leadership role and are looking for professional support to be successful in your new job.

> You are wondering how to use your talents and strengths more effectively in your leadership role and what leadership habits you can adopt to be an inclusive and inspiring leader 

> You are thinking of promoting someone in your team to a people leadership role and are wondering if they have what it takes to be a leader

> You are wondering how to create a positive, inclusive and inspiring environment that enables your team members to show up and take the lead with their talents 

> You are wondering what type of leaders you currently have and if this fits with the leadership capability you are looking for in your current and future leaders 

> You are a seasoned leader that would like to learn how to make diversity work in your team

Leadership coaching for positive impact! 

In this coaching program, we guide you in managing your talents and strengths so you can increase your leadership impact whilst experiencing higher levels of job satisfaction.

The coaching programme (that can also take place online) consists of two coaching sessions of two hours each. In the first coaching session we will focus on who you are as a person and what impact this has had on your leadership style. In other words, what is your unique leadership style and to what degree are you using it effectively at work?

In the second session, we will focus on what leadership behaviors you need to develop to be an effective leader and have positive impact on both your team(s) and the business. 

As part of the coaching programme, you will complete an online leadership assessment that will give you insight into your unique talents, untapped potential, performance pitfalls and your unique leadership style. You will receive tips on how to apply your talents optimally to achieve extraordinary results.

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“In my job I am confronted with many challenges on a day-to-day basis, as a result I was struggling with my career-planning, personal growth and professional development. Through Esther’s coaching, a blend of creating self-awareness, job-crafting and growing personal leadership skills, she helped me bring back focus in my daily work and find answers to the challenges I was struggling with”

After completing the coaching programme

You will know what makes you truly unique and how to integrate your authentic leadership style into your leadership role  so you can have a positive leadership impact on your team and the business 

You will have learned how to inspire your team to achieve great performance by utilising their talents more effectively 

You will have learned how to have engaging 1:1’s and performance conversations with your team members

You can choose to book coaching sessions as and when you require them based on the challenges you are facing at that moment in time. Alternatively you can choose to book a coaching programme specifically designed to increase your leadership impact. You can think of themes such as team engagement, enhancing team performance, team collaboration and development, team vitality and resilience, dealing with change etc.

The Leading with Impact coaching programme can also be customised for management teams

This programme will support and empower management teams to bring about meaningful and sustainable change, by evaluating and developing their authentic leadership style and performance culture. The programme consists of a series of workshops, individual coaching sessions and an online leadership assessment. Besides getting insight into their individual and collective talents and strengths and how they can optimise these to increase their leadership impact, they will also explore how to create more synergy and effective collaboration within their management team to achieve their business objectives.

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