Talent-focused Leadership Team programme

Our leadership development programme consists of a series of workshops and coaching sessions. Each leader gets insight into their unique talents, unique leadership style as well as their performance pitfalls through a personalised assessment. They will gain insight into what top-performing leaders do and how well they are performing against those critical indicators. They will also receive tips on how to improve their effectiveness, level of engagement and authenticness as a leader so they can inspire their people to bring out the best of themselves every day.

Our integral leadership development programme

Kick-off workshop

Introduction workshop for leaders on the strengths approach and the benefits for individuals, teams and organizations. We will look into what talentfocused leadership is and to what extent it is currently being applied by the leaders within their team(s).

Online assessment

Every leader fills in the leader assessment, which provides insight into their strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls. They will also gain insight into what top-performing leaders do and how they currently scoring on these indicators.

Individual coaching session

Individual coaching session with each leader where the focus is on their talents and to what degree they are currently applying them in their role. They will get insight into their unique talents and leadership style and how they can apply them optimally to achieve extraordinary results and work effectively with their team and colleagues.

Talent-focused leadership workshop

Now that leaders have gained insight into their individual talents, they can choose to have a tailor-made team programme for the management team where they will look into how their talents can be optimized to achieve the team objectives. Leaders can also choose to run a team programme for their own team(s). For more information, please view our team offer:

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Three simple yet important questions leaders need to ask

In this enlightening, candid talk, Roselinde Torres talks about her findings after observing successful leaders for 25 years. She explains which three simple, yet important questions potential business leaders need to ask to become successful.

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