Increase your leadership impact!

Our leadership coaching programme gives leaders insight into their unique strengths, talentpotential, leadership style as well as their performance pitfalls.

The online leadership assessment that is part of this coaching programme allows leaders to discover what it is that makes them truely unique and provides valuable feedback on how to bring their authentic style into their leadership role. They will gain insight into what top-performing leaders do and how well they are performing against those indicators.

They will receive tips on how to improve their effectiveness as a leader so they can inspire their people to bring out the best of themselves every day. In essence we guide leaders in managing their own talents and strengths in order to increase their performance and job satisfaction.

What to expect

1) You will receive your leadership report which will give you insight into your unique strengths, talent potential, how you are perfoming on critical indicators required for top performance in leadership and how to improve these/ grow to your next level!

2) You will receive 2 coaching sessions of 2.5 hours each in which we will go in-depth into your leadership report. We will link your unique strengths, talent portential and potential pitfall to your day to day reality of leading your team(s). This will give you powerful insights and the skills to upgrade your leadership impact as well as increase your sence of joy and engagement with your work and team!

3) In the first coaching session we will focus on who you are as a person and what impact that has on your leadership style. In other words, what is your unique leadership style and to what degree are you using it effectively at work? In the second session, we will look at what you can do as a leader to increase your impact. By impact we mean, consciously developing leadership behaviors that are required for effective leadership, inspiring your team to achieve sustainable top performance by using their strengths and working more effectively with a sense of flow.

4) After the first two sessions, we will evaluate where you are on your journey. At this point it will be clearer to you what your requirements are. Based on this insight, you can choose to book coaching sessions as and when you require them. This option makes use of a coaching card system with a number of coaching hours available to you. You can also choose to go for a tailor-made coaching programme where you can focus on one or more leadership themes to further increase your impact.

5) Which people-oriented leadership themes can we support you in? Below is a selection of themes you can choose from.

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