Intervision training & facilitation

A powerful way of reflectively learning and advancing professionally!

Intervision is a great way to critically reflect on your own actions together with others in a safe environment and in a structured way, in order to support your further development and growth. It is used by students, professionals and teams to develop their professional skills and to work on overall quality improvement.

Intervision can be used for various purposes such as:
1. Clarifying and analysing problems
2. Coming up with solutions and alternatives to one’s actions 
3. Learning to formulate advice

Our intervision services consist of two parts:

1. Providing Intervision training – where we teach organizations how to successfully organize and conduct intervision sessions themselves

2. Facilitating intervision sessions
 – where we guide intervision sessions within organizations using different intervision methods, depending on the goals they want to achieve.

What makes Light Up Your Talent unique in their Intervision offering is that besides offering standard Intervision training and facilitation, we also do that from the strengths-based perspective. This gives an extra boost to the quality of analysis, contributing to a more transformational and sustainable solution for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Each one of us has a unique combination of strengths and non-strengths. This often determines if we perceive something as a problem, how we go about analysing and defining a problem, how we formulate advice and think of possible solutions. Being aware of this, especially in a diverse team or organisation, is crucial not only for one’s professional growth but also for the team’s effectiveness and success. 

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