We provide guest lectures to students on personal and collective leadership and authentic career development

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I met Esther after inviting her to be one of the resource speakers at the Business Conference organised by MBA students. Since the beginning, I know that she’s the right person to speak in our event. She has a very calm way of speaking but igniting passion and sparking motivation. When she speaks in the Business Conference, she was able to make audiences dig deep and look at who we are, what we are capable of, and imagine possibilities of what more we can achieve. Esther has that natural talent of bringing out the best from people so that people will feel challenged and rejuvenated. As an HR professional, I know that she is the right person to motivate employees. I would recommend her as either trainer/speaker/coach since she can bring some impact on how people see themselves. Thank you, Esther!


We have had numerous trainers and speakers facilitating our master’s classes over the past year. Esther stands out as being one of the better ones on her ability to strike the right balance of academics, practical experience and showmanship. She is well versed in academic theories enabling her to peg her discussions with universally accepted theories students can relate to. She has ample work experience in a corporate setting to properly substantiate academic principles in a workplace setting. Unlike attending lectures and seminars, all examples she use are real and her experience enable her to relate to nearly every individual circumstance that arises. She is an entertainer. Unlike most facilitators who resort to comical or wild theatrics, she has a uniquely calm way of captivating her audience. She has the uncanny ability to control large audience whilst encouraging them to come out of their comfort zones. This makes sessions focused without diminishing the fun factor. Esther is the type of person who knows how to help you bring about your best potential.


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