Find a moment when you can come back to yourself again!

Just for a moment, stop and review where you are in your life today! Many of us today are running faster and faster as we think that is how we can keep up with the various demands coming our way from our managers and projects at work, family responsibilities, running our company, our social lives etc. and so our only escape is when we feel we have deserved our holiday break or the various ways we each enjoy our timeout.

Learning to say ‘Yes’ with compassion to yourself and others and learning to prioritize based on the needs of your authentic self as you go through the various stages of your life, have become critical skills to have. To maintain and enjoy a sense of balance, where life changes can be both beautiful and challenging, developing these skills as well as self-reflective skills will help you have a much smoother and enjoyable experience. In a way you learn to surf the waves of life and you learn as you go.

Key questions to ask yourself are:

• Who are you?
• What would like to get out of life?
• What would you really like to do in terms of work instead of making a living?
• Are you fully there for those you care about?
• Are you fully there for yourself? 
• Where are you coming from?

• What is the gift you take from your past that strengthens you today?
• Do you have gratitude towards yourself for the journey you have walked in your life?
• Where are you going and do you know what it looks like?
• Where are you now, and do you know which of your natural talents and strengths you can use to propel yourself further on your journey?

These are all questions when asked, give you a sense of focus, inner peace and a renewed sense of creativity even though you may not know all the answers, just the fact that you are asking these questions, sets things in motion!

Some people love to be by themselves when asking these questions, for others it is when they are doing their weekly jogging, for others it is when they are on a flight going somewhere, for others it is when they take a deep look at their children being themselves, whilst for others it is the early hours of the morning just before the world wakes up.

Find your moment when you can come back to yourself again!

If you find it hard to make time for yourself because of the hectic lifestyle you have, an alternative is to make use of a Life coach and plan a couple of times a year, could be 4 or 6 times a year that you can meet up with a life coach and he or she can guide you through your life journey. 
Remember that when you have a car, you spend time periodically to overhaul your car so you can rely on it to take you where you need to go.

Do you spend time to replenish yourself?

Spending time reflecting over your life is the same, as by doing so you replenish yourself on multiple levels. 
Some call this Me-time. I know of people that actually plan a whole day just for themselves, of which life coaching is an element of the day amongst other fun activities. Give yourself a gift today and commit to making time to periodically check-in with yourself and look at your life compass so you know where you are going and if you are happy with the direction.

Author: Esther Akpomukai