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My mission is to inspire, uplift and help direct you towards your greatest potential!

Esther Akpomukai, Founder Light Up Your Talent

Individual Work
I work with individuals and leaders to help them become aware of their natural talents and strengths and how they can effectively bring them to life so that the quality of their lives at work and at home improves. People I have worked with were asking themselves:

  • What the next step was in their career after working many years in a job
  • How they can improve their happiness and performance at work
  • How they can stay strong & resilient in times of change at work
  • How as a leader they could improve the relationship with their team members

Team Work
I also work with teams to help them become more effective in the way they work with each other in achieving their goals. A lot of time, effort and peace of mind is lost when team members don't work effectively with each other. Not to mention the impact it is having on the team performance, creativity and overall engagement of the employees. My approach to working with teams is very much based on positive psychology and the solutions oriented approach. I work multi-layered in that I will support the individual separately in their growth process through personal coaching, but also look systemically at what is happening at a team level, i.e. the team dynamics. Together with the client (i.e. HR, managers and employees), we will design the training/coaching programme that will help the team go through the journey they wish to experience, and in so doing bring more harmonisation, mutual appreciation, energy, creativity, performance & engagement into the team.

Professional background
My career spans over 15 years in the banking and consumer electronics industry sector where I covered roles ranging from Marketing to HR. In my previous roles I was globally responsible for HR Learning & Development, Talent Management & Employee Engagement. My roles included coaching High Potentials and facilitating leadership and team development sessions for senior executives. In January 2012, I founded my company Light Up Your Talent, that is a strengths-based people development company that offers transformational programmes to individuals, leaders and teams to help them develop towards their greatest potential. In terms of educational background, I have a M.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Social Science (with a specialisation in Leadership) and a professional degree in Corporate Education. I am a certified Talent Coach, Team dynamics facilitator and a NLP Practitioner.

My approach
During my time at the university and later in the corporate world, I saw that little attention was placed on supporting students and employee's in becoming aware of their natural talents and strengths and how they could leverage that in making study choices or decisions on the types of job roles that would suit them. What I saw was that most people tend to take jobs or get hired based on their learned skills and experience and not so much based on their potential. This experience is what impelled me to support others on their journey of self discovery, that they reach a place within themselves of more happiness and inner peace, with a clear focus and a sense of purpose. I use the strength-based and energy awareness approach during my coaching and training sessions. After the sessions, you will be able to make better choices in alignment with who you really are and what matters most to you. You will feel free to express your talents. You can read more about how I work here.

What Clients say...

    Natalia Bondarchuk - Head of Client Service at RBS, Russia
    Esther is one of the most professional and very pleasant persons which I have met. She was my coach during some time. The task was not easy because she coached me via phone and we had not met before. So she did not know me at all. I also should add that we live in different countries. I am in Russia and Esther in the Netherlands. It took only couple calls after which I started filling like we worked together for a long time and she knew me very well. She understood my concerns from the first words and gave very important comments and advises which helped me very much and continue helping. She showed me my strengths and thought how to use them. We discussed different situations at work. Her advises helped me to define proper solutions. Esther is very care about people and always ready to give her knowledge, skills and I suppose very often heart to help them to achieve their goals at work and what is the most important in their lives.

    Elisabet V Hearn - Owner, Think Solutions AB and Management Consulting Consultant
    Esther is dedicated, focused and result-oriented. She approaches challenges with an open mind which helps her create effective solutions. She is passionate about continuous development in self and others, for the benefit of the individual as well as the organization they work for. A great, clear communicator and coach. I have very much enjoyed working with Esther.

    Rudolph Castillo - Global HR at Heineken
    We have had numerous trainers and speakers facilitating our master’s classes over the past year. Esther stands out as being one of the better ones on her ability to strike the right balance of academics, practical experience and showmanship. She is well versed in academic theories enabling her to peg her discussions with universally accepted theories students can relate to. She has ample work experience in a corporate setting to properly substantiate academic principles in a workplace setting. Unlike attending lectures and seminars, all examples she use are real and her experience enable her to relate to nearly every individual circumstance that arises. She is an entertainer. Unlike most facilitators who resort to comical or wild theatrics, she has a uniquely calm way of captivating her audience. She has the uncanny ability to control large audience whilst encouraging them to come out of their comfort zones. This makes sessions focused without diminishing the fun factor. Esther is the type of person who knows how to help you bring about your best potential.