Energy and stress management

This coaching programme will help you maintain a healthy level of energy so you can achieve your goals and experience a sense of wellbeing. It will equip you with the knowledge and tools to function well during times of stress and change. The programme consists of an online assessment and three coaching sessions of 1,5 hours each. The coaching sessions can also take place online.

After attending this programme you will: 
1. Gain insight into your natural energy resources and learn how to leverage it to maintain a healthy level of energy 
2. Learn to recognize and acknowledge the symptoms of stress 
3. Get insight into your unique stress factors and coping mechanism(s) and how you can handle stress better
4. Learn what resilience is and how you can naturally strengthen your resilience
5. Learn how to change your current behaviour patterns and bring in new positive changes

This programme can also be custom designed for teams looking to naturally increase their resilience and energy levels so they can experience higher productivity and engagement levels.

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