Self-reliant teams

Do you recognise this?

  • As a manager, you would like your team members to become more self-reliant in solving their challenges
  • Your team members do not spend sufficient time to come up with real solutions to challenges
  • You often leave meetings feeling time has been waisted and much more could have been achieved
  • You would like to up-skill your team members to critically reflect on their actions in a safe & structured way
  • You would like to contribute to a culture of continuous improvement by adopting innovative peer consultation techniques

“It was very valuable to talk to my peers, to get good advice and to understand the methods of how to structure team conversations to achieve optimal result”

Peer consultation techniques and reflective learning

At Light Up Your Talent we support teams in becoming more self-reliant through adopting peer consultation and reflective learning techniques (also known as intervision).

This allows team members to easily consult with each other when faced with challenges. During these sessions colleagues learn with and from each other, supporting each other from their different frame of reference and practical experiences, leading to higher learning efficiency & performance output.

Intervision is a structured method for discussing work-related issues with colleagues, in which peer advice and reflective learning are central. It can be used to analyse and clarify problems; come up with possible solutions; and formulate and give effective advice to others.

Depending on what you want to achieve with your team, there are different intervision methods. Intervision is used for general upskilling of employees and for overall quality improvement.

In this workshop participants will work with a couple of Intervision methods. They will get the opportunity to practice each method using real work challenges/goals. They will practice skills such as listening, questioning, analysing, solution-oriented thinking and advising.

In short Intervision is:

  • A structured and problem-solving method
  • To discuss work-related issues together
  • In which peer advice and reflective learning are central

What makes our approach unique?

In addition to providing standard intervision training (TtT) and facilitating intervision sessions for teams, we also offer talent-based intervision training which has its origins in positive psychology. Conducting intervision with a focus on talent optimisation, gives an extra boost to not only the quality of analysis but also to the quality of solutions, leading to a more transformational and sustainable outcome for both individuals and the organisation. Our uniqueness as people (qualities/background etc) determines whether we perceive something as a problem or not; how we analyse it; the type of solution we come up with; how we advice others etc. Being aware of this is not only crucial for our own professional development, but also for the effectiveness and success of a team.

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