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At Light Up Your Talent we offer you different ways of becoming aware of your unique self (i.e. your talent potential, values etc).
Coaching is one of them. In essence you will embark on a journey of:

1) Finding yourself
2) Recognizing yourself
3) Accepting yourself
4) Developing yourself
5) Strengthening yourself

The way we work is by offering guidance whilst respecting your free will. You can choose to change and empower yourself and in doing so, you activate your creative power to consciously and successfully live the life you desire. As coaching is a development style based on a relationship of trust, rapport and respect, we believe that it is important to match the right coach with the right individual. It is not a case of one coach fits all. Each individual due to their personal characteristics, their unique story, the challenge they are working on, will have certain coaches that are better aligned to them, where there is resonance. Therefore we have chosen to partner with professional coaches who are playing to their strengths. They bring to the table a variety of expertise and are skilled in the English and Dutch language and use a variety of channels for coaching such as face-to-face meeting, phone or Skype.


Before you reach the state of success, you first need to get a good understanding of the most important variable for your success – YOU!
Embark on this 5 months transformational coaching journey of discovering, accepting and strengthening yourself!

In this package you will receive your strengths report which will give you insight into your unique strengths and energy profile. You will receive information on how others perceive you when it comes to your strengths. It also includes a one-on-one feedback session with one of our coaches. This is for you to get a better understanding of your report and what it means in terms of the activities that energise you.

By going through this coaching programme, you will learn to:
– Have more focus in terms of the activities that you are likely to excel in and be motivated by
– Make effective choices that are in alignment with your passion, your values and your strengths
– Have new empowering habits so you can be more effective in achieving your goals in life!
– Stop self-sabotaging behaviours
– Become aware of your energy drainers and how to manage them
– Become aware of your talent potential and strengths

This coaching programme includes:
1) Your strengths report
2) Your personal Art of living workbook
3) Five monthly coaching sessions of 2 hours
4) E-mail support for questions you may have in-between the coaching sessions
5) An additional 10 hours of powerful exercises to help you activate your talents, so you can achieve your life and career goals with much more ease and joy!

The investment for this coaching programme is €2650,= incl. vat

You can register today by sending an e-mail to info@lightupyourtalent.com