Leading with your natural talents!

Do you recognise this?

  • You have recently been promoted to a leadership role and are looking for professional support to be successful in your job
  • You would like to become aware of your unique talents and career drivers and how to incorporate them in your leadership role to bring about positive change
  • You would like to create a positive and inclusive work environment with your team inspiring them to show up, take the lead with their talents and work complementary
  • You would like to optimise your working relationships by knowing where to strategically collaborate with others for higher performance

“In my job I am confronted with many challenges on a day-to-day basis… Through Esther’s coaching, a blend of creating self awareness, job-crafting and growing personal leadership skills, she helped me bring back focus in my daily work and find answers to the challenges I was struggling with”

The leadership coaching program

The program is custom made depending on your specific needs and can vary between 3 to 5 online sessions covering any of the topics mentioned above.

The program includes an online leadership assessment, that will give you insight into your natural talents and potential as well as what people leadership metrics to adopt to bring about positive change in your team. You will exercises in between the sessions to further boost your development process.

In the first session we will look into how you can apply your unique talents in your leadership role. We will link your talents to your activities, so you can see where you will naturally excel and where you might want to consider delegating or partnering with others. In the second and following sessions, we will go into what behaviors inspiring leaders adopt, and how you can integrate these into your leadership role. You will receive tips on how to reduce your performance risks and apply your talents more effectively to achieve extraordinary results with your team.

After completing the program, you will:

  • know how to incorporate your unique talents into your leadership role to have a positive impact on your team and the business
  • know how to manage and motivate your team members given their unique talent profiles
  • You will know how to facilitate your team members to work in a more synergistic way
  • know where to strategically partner with others, based on complementary talents
  • learn how to create a positive and inclusive work environment where your team members show up and take the lead with their talents
She showed me my strengths and
thought how to use them!
“Esther is one of the most professional and very pleasant persons which I have met. She was my coach during some time. The task was not easy because she coached me via phone and we had not met before. So she did not know me at all. I also should add that we live in different countries. I am in Russia and Esther in the Netherlands. It took only couple calls after which I started filling like we worked together for a long time and she knew me very well. She understood my concerns from the first words and gave very important comments and advises which helped me very much and continue helping. She showed me my strengths and thought how to use them. We discussed different situations at work. Her advises helped me to define proper solutions. Esther is very care about people and always ready to give her knowledge, skills and I suppose very often heart to help them to achieve their goals at work and what is the most important in their lives”
The insights that I gained are things that I can put in practice
“Esther has this rare combination of being calm, non-judgmental, radiates positive energy and is goal-oriented. She actively listens to you and is able to visualize your personal energy drivers and
drainers with the right tools and techniques. I have had good conversations with Esther every single time in my coaching sessions from which I have come away with something tangible that I could implement in my daily life. The insights that I gained are things that I can put in practice at either a personal or organizational level. I would highly recommend Esther to anyone looking for personal / organizational coaching”

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