Clients we have had the pleasure to work with

Over the years, we have worked with many individuals and organisations varying from SME’s to multi-nationals, from educational to governmental, from family-owned to start-ups. We have supported individuals in discovering and effectively utilising their talents & expertise as they embark on careers more aligned with who they are. We have facilitated organisations in being ready for what the 21st century requires of them in terms of people capacity and supporting culture by helping them build more collaborative teams that are playing to their strengths and develop leaders that are able to drive meaningful and sustainable change.

Consultancy support

What clients have experienced

“I’ve worked with Esther for the last few months and her support has been invaluable. I reached out to Esther for consultancy support to upskill the team on strengths based coaching and development of strengths based leadership workshops. Esther has not only given us the confidence and skills to deliver but also has gone over and beyond with the resources she procured to enable us to continue to deliver and support our teams internally. I really appreciate the knowledgeable and expertise that Esther brings and her caring, people centric approach”

Coaching programs

What clients have experienced

Esther was to me was a super experienced guide to patiently pull me out of that situation with a carefully articulated plan. She knows exactly what questions to ask, what information to share, and at what time. Meanwhile, her warm characteristics just make her a very pleasant and easy person to talk to. You wouldn’t feel like talking to a ‘therapist’ but much more like a caring friend. The way she helped me was never to give me any answers. Instead, by helping me to learn more about myself in conjunction with helping me explore the deeper meanings of my emotions, I got out of the sessions feeling more equipped and confident! That confidence was not only linked to my ability to solve one specific problem, but the kind of confidence you’ll have from knowing yourself better, feeling more content, and regaining the power to manage future challenges with the kindest and most authentic self”



What clients have experienced

“We are very grateful we had the opportunity to work with Esther over two months to learn about our individual and team strengths and also become aware of potential gaps we can now focus on. Esther approached every conversation and specifically our team event with a huge portion of empathy, positivity paired with knowledge and underlying understanding of this whole process and opportunities. She helped us to see and honor more facets of our personalities and at the same time to learn how we can leverage from our strengths as a team. Thank you Esther for being a crucial part of kicking of our exciting team journey!”

Learning & Development

What clients have experienced

Esther has taken Learning and Development to a whole new level within the Global Client Service organization. She understands the importance of ongoing training for the business and has been instrumental in developing awareness amongst all staff. She has been responsible for creating a Learning and Development framework which included a dedicated L&D website and also drove a number of High Potential initiatives. Besides L&D, Esther is also a good coach who understands the complexity of human nature

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