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The only constant in life is change.

Carin Zijlstra, Career Coach & Mediator

I have had the good fortune of being able to make a career in Global Human Resources in a variety of companies and fast growth industries. This enabled me to discover my true passion for understanding what makes people tick and aiding people in their learning and development curve, especially in fast growth and performance driven organizations.

I discovered quite quickly that human beings, as organizations, all want the same things and that communication is the most important- and, strangely enough, still the most difficult part of a successful working relationship.

Running organizational and leadership development programs as well as communication-, conflict handling and cultural diversity workshops, has taught me a lot about human behavior and myself. Since my return to consultancy I apply this knowledge and my experience in coaching, mentoring and counseling to coaching a range of clients in outplacement- and career development programs.

I believe that truly understanding human behavior and dealing with conflicts at the deeper emotional level, coupled with a down-to-earth and pragmatic approach, can really have a sustained, long-term impact on relationships in the workplace.

Degrees and accreditation
√  Licensed practitioner of many psychometric tools such as MBTI, Firo-B, OPQ
√  Licensed mediator, specialized in work and business conflicts
√  Experienced career development and outplacement coach
√  Experienced trainer in communication-, conflict handling- and cultural diversity workshops


What Clients say...

    Stephen McCallion - Global Head of Marketing Communications at TAQA
    During 2012 I embarked on an international job-search in what was an extremely difficult employment market. Carin's advice & counsel enabled me to develop a very clear view of what I wanted as a next career-move. The new role I will soon start ticks all the boxes of what I wanted. Carin's advice was certainly invaluable to me. She helped me to better interpret the job market, better interpret the needs of employers, better analyse compensation across different markets & disciplines, better position myself so that I'd have the best chance of being considered for roles, and finally she helped me see the merit in being focused and patient. Many thanks Carin.

    Toon Jansen – Financial Manager at Matching Pool B.V.
    Carin has helped me a great deal to deal with the fact that I had to leave my job of 20 years behind me in a satisfactory manner. Dedicated and devoted to results, she trained me in the recruitment process, resulting in a super new job for me! Furthermore I benefited greatly from her support and experience in the first period at my new employer by giving me professional and smart tips. I have experienced Carin as a great coach and certainly recommend her.

    Anne-Marie de Vries – Functional Application Management Caress at Evean
    Carin was both my mediator and career-coach and in both functions she proved to be indispensable. Her balanced approach but also compassion and ability to fully understand me made that I felt in safe hands during the mediation process. Professionally emphatic and with an indispensable sense of humour she has coached me through a particularly painful process. This cooperation then continued into a coaching project, which displayed the same characteristics. I have learned unbelievably much from her. She possesses a world of experience, and sharing that experience with me and her belief in me, has helped me find a new job. I could have never have done this without her. Many, many thanks.

    Lilian Stigter – Client Support Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim
    Carin was my outplacement coach after a difficult employment termination process. Her positive character, constructive advice and balancing sense of humour were a breath of fresh air. She is extremely professional and enthusiastic in her work. I have learned a lot from her and had a great time with her. She is a strong, powerful woman and to be coached by Carin is a guarantee for success.