Our mission is to inspire and guide you towards your greatest potential!

Esther Akpomukai is the founder of Light Up Your Talent and works as an executive coach, trainer, management consultant and speaker.

Our approach
Light Up Your Talent focuses on talent development, team development and leadership. How do you get the best out of yourself and your team? Our passion is to guide people in managing their talent so they can achieve their goals. We work in an integrated manner, meaning that in addition to supporting the individual in their process, we also look at what is happening at a team level. Creating a metaphorical bridge between the two worlds so that they can be of value to each other, is where we like to add value.
Together with the client (i.e. HR, managers and employees), we will design the programme that will help the team go through the journey they wish to experience (i.e. effective cooperation, great communication, mutual appreciation, increased energy, higher performance and engagement levels in the team. 

Professional and educational background

My career spans over 20 years in the banking, education and consumer electronics industry sector where I covered roles ranging from Marketing researcher to Global head of HR Learning & Development and Talent Management to HRM lecturer. My activities included coaching high potentials and facilitating transformational leadership and team development programmes for senior executives. Programmes that supported and empowered leaders and their teams to effect meaningful and sustainable change, by revisiting their current leadership style and the performance culture climate they were creating as a result and make effective changes where necessary.
I have a M.Sc. in Social Sciences (with a specialisation in Leadership) and a professional degree in Corporate Education. I am a certified talent coach and a NLP practitioner.

Light Up Your Talent came into existence in 2012 with the vision to inspire and facilitate individuals, teams and leaders in the effective use of their talent(potential) for better performance, improved relationships and a higher sense of wellbeing!