about us

Light Up Your Talent was founded in 2012 with the mission to support individuals and organisations in their growth process through the development and full release of their talent potential. We are specialists in the area of Talent Management and Learning & Development and offer a wide range of talent scans for recruitment and development purposes. Besides talent scans we also offer coaching, workshops, masterclasses, accreditation trainings and consultancy.

Over the years, we have worked with many students, professionals and organisations varying from SME’s to multi-nationals, from educational to governmental, from family-owned to start-ups. We support professionals in effectively utilising their natural talents and expertise as they embark on careers more aligned with who they are. We offer organisations innovative and effective ways of optimising the talents of their people so they can experience greater performance and employee wellbeing. That they are ready for what the 21st century requires of them in terms of people capacity and supporting culture.

How we work

At Light Up Your Talent, we believe that the road to success is different for each individual, as we each have unique combinations of natural talents, competencies, values and ambition. We make use of this uniqueness when co-creating transformational solutions with our clients. Our approach is best described as personal, integral, cultural aware and talent-based. We make use of state of the art talent scans that are scientifically sound. They give individuals, teams and leaders reliable information on how they can empower themselves to make the required changes and propel themselves forward in their lives. We partner with seasoned trainers, coaches and organisational consultants to give our clients the best possible solutions.

What are talents

Talents come very natural to us that we sometimes take them for granted. They allow us to perform at our best, when we have developed the potential. One can therefore have talents as a potential or as a strength. Organisations that support their employees in effectively applying their talents at work, experience greater performance, higher levels of employee engagement and retention. It is a powerful and effective way of accelerating learning and innovation in the organisation as it unlocks the energy of employees and supports them in achieving excellence in areas more aligned with their natural talents and expertise. When we are playing to our talents, we are likely to experience the following:


Our performance and innovative/creative ability are higher than average and we easily excel in what we do


We naturally gravitate towards activities that play to our talents and feel energised and in a state of flow whilst doing them


We are intrinsically motivated to learn, we learn faster, easier and with more fun and are driven to constantly improve ourselves

About Esther Akpomukai

During my studies and time in the corporate world, I saw that little attention was given to the natural talents of students and employees, especially how they could use them to achieve their goals. I saw how people were struggling to achieve their goals with their non-strengths. This experience is what led me to create Light Up Your Talent and support others on their journey. That they engage life from a place of authentic strength, and in the process of doing so, experience inner peace, joy and a sense of purpose. During most of my career, I have been supporting students, professionals, teams and leaders in their growth process through my roles as coach, trainer, team dynamics facilitator, consultant and speaker. 

Growing up in a bi-cultural home and living in different parts of the world, exposed me to diversity in action. Both the beauty and challenges that come with it and how one can create a bridges of connection between seemingly different worlds. This cultural awareness I bring to the table when working with clients. 

In terms of educational background, I have a M.Sc degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and a degree in Corporate Education. I have had the opportunity to work in the banking, consumer electronics, education and government sector, where I have held roles ranging from client loyalty program manager to lecturer to global head of HR Learning & Development and Talent Management.