About us

Light Up Your Talent is a performance enhancing and wellbeing company that guides people in managing their talents and strengths to achieve their goals. We support students, professionals, managers, executives and teams in their growth process by combining science-based data-driven insight into human behaviour and potential with a personal and culturally sensitive approach. Our main areas of focus are:

1) Leadership development – Empowering managers and executives in being authentic, inclusive and inspiring leaders.
2) Team development – Leveraging the power of diversity to bring about higher quality team collaboration.
3) Employee development – Enabling better alignment between job performance, job satisfaction and wellbeing.
4) Optimising HR – Enabling the design and implemention of effective strengths-based processes and programs across the employee life cycle.

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Our approach

We make use of different approaches, with an important one being the talent-based approach that has it’s origins in the science of positive psychology. Every individual is unique as each person has a unique combination of natural talents, learned competencies and core values. At Light Up Your Talent, we leverage this uniqueness when co-creating solutions with our clients as the the road to succes is different for each individual. We see talents as qualities that come natural to us and enable us to perform exeptionally well if we have developed this potential. When applying your talents, you may notice the following:

You feel energized, may forget and loose sense of time and can experience a state of flow.

You learn faster, easier and with more fun and you are curious and driven to constantly improve yourself

Your performance is higher than average and you can easily and naturally distinguish yourself from others

You naturally gravitate towards any activity that allows you to use your talents and you enjoy using your talents.

I’m here to inspire, uplift and help direct you towards your greatest potential! Are you ready?

My name is Esther Akpomukai and over 20 years ago I began my career in the field of client satisfaction and loyalty management. I later moved into the field of HR Learning and development. What a journey it has been, full of joyful moments and moments of growth. I’ve helped various multinationals where I was given regional and global responsibility for HR Learning and development, Talent management and Employee engagement.

Optimising human potential and wellbeing is something that has always inspired me and in 2012 I founded Light Up Your Talent. A performance enhancing and wellbeing company that guides people in managing their own talents and strengths to achieve their goals. It has been a great privilege to guide students, professionals, managers, executives and teams in their growth process through my roles as leadership coach, career coach, team process facilitator, trainer, speaker and organisational consultant. 

In terms of my educational background, I have a master degree in interdisciplinary social sciences and a degree in corporate education. I am a certified coach and a certified practitioner of NLP, Strengthscope® and TalentPredix™. 

Who you really are and where you really want to go lights up my talents. I’ve helped many people be in the right place doing the things they love – and crucially – being who they really are with the gifts, genius and skills they came here with.

Client Testimonials

“I met Esther after inviting her to be one of the resource speakers at the Business Conference organised by MBA students. Since the beginning, I know that she’s the right person to speak in our event. She has a very calm way of speaking but igniting passion and sparking motivation. When she speaks in the Business Conference, she was able to make audiences dig deep and look at who we are, what we are capable of, and imagine possibilities of what more we can achieve. Esther has that natural talent of bringing out the best from people so that people will feel challenged and rejuvenated. As an HR professional, I know that she is the right person to motivate employees. I would recommend her as either trainer/speaker/coach since she can bring some impact on how people see themselves. Thank you, Esther!”

Winda Yunita

“Esther is a person who combines a great passion for learning and development with a well-developed understanding of organisational issues. She can zoom in on particular learning questions AND see the ‘big picture’. That makes her a great partner to work with both for line managers and for coachees or participants of any learning programme. She is creative when it comes to designing learning & development solutions and very good at communicating with people from different levels and backgrounds. Good at listening and with an easy smile, she is a very pleasant person to work with. In the 2 years in which she took part in the FCE learning programme, I came to know her as someone who is not only good at supporting others at learning, but also is a learner at heart herself.”

Saskia Tjepkema

“I have met Esther during my research at Belkin and I had the opportunity to experience her wonderful trainings. I have recently had the privilege of attending a Strengthscope practitioner accreditation training with her. Esther is very committed on delivering quality contents and genuinely listens to participant’s various needs. What amazes me is her flexible ability to carry out a training both in Dutch and English and still provide the energy and enthusiasm necessary to keep participants engaged. Esther also goes beyond expectations and will always help you achieve your learning goals. During the workshop, I could not follow at times some dutch explanations and she always made sure I could stay engaged, translated some contents and made sure I could understand in my own pace. From the moment I have met Esther, I was amazed by her strong ability to spot people’s strengths and look at someone’s from inside. Esther is a very talented coach and trainer.”

Magali Aimée Toussint

“Esther is dedicated, focused and result-oriented. She approaches challenges with an open mind which helps her create effective solutions. She is passionate about continuous development in self and others, for the benefit of the individual as well as the organization they work for. A great, clear communicator and coach. I have very much enjoyed working with Esther.”

Elisabet Vinberg Hearn

“Esther has taken Learning and Development to a whole new level within the RBS Global Client Service organization. She understands the importance of ongoing training for the business and has been instrumental in developing awareness amongst all staff. She has been responsible for creating a Learning and Development framework which included a dedicated L&D website and also drove a number of High Potential initiatives. Besides L&D, Esther is also a good coach who understands the complexity of human nature.”

Jaap Hooiveld

“In her role managing the Learning & Development function across Global Client Service, Esther has been able to establish a whole new way of looking at how we train and develop our people: a lot more training and development has since been alocated to more junior talented staff across the globe and the training we provide is much more focussed and needs-oriented. Also, she has has been instrumental in establishing a strength-based aproach to people development – rather than ‘weakening weaknesses’ and established and rolled out a full fledged talent management programme, which helps us to date to identify, manage and develop talented staff around the globe.”

Jan Osenegg

“Subject matter expert in multiple fields including client loyalty programs and learning and development space, intelligence, work ethics, high self motivated and strong self awareness. Strong value and belief system, cultural awareness and role includes working effectively across geographies…high recommended”

Kalvin Smith

“I attended the Strengthscope® practitioner accreditation training that was given by Esther. She brings the ideas of positive psychology that characterizes the instrument Strengthscope® in a motivating, pragmatic and highly qualified and effective way.”

Florence Stuurland

Light Up Your Talent was founded in 2012 with the vision to inspire and facilitate individual and organisational growth through the development and full release of human potential!