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Light Up Your Talent is a performance enhancing and wellbeing company that helps organisations build great teams! We are able to achieve great results for our clients through our unique way of working by combining science-based insight into human potential with a personal, integral and culturally sensitive approach. Our motto is: Focus on what brings you joy and gives you energy as it will bring about meaningful change.

Clients experience the following when they work with us: 
> Teams are able to leverage the power of diversity and experience higher levels of team collaboration 
> Managers and executives are able to lead their teams effectively by being authentic, inclusive and naturally inspiring
> Employees experience a boost in their careers through better alignment between their job performance, job satisfaction and wellbeing 

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Make use of what is present,
as the road to success is different for each one of us!

We make use of the talent-based approach that has its origins in positive psychology. Every individual is unique as each person has a unique combination of talents, learned competencies and core values. At Light Up Your Talent, we make use of this uniqueness when co-creating solutions for our clients, as the road to success is different for each individual. Talents are qualities that come natural to you and enable you to perform exceptionally well, if you have developed this potential. When applying your talents, you may experience the following:

You feel energized, may forget and loose sense of time and can experience a state of flow.

You learn faster, easier and with more fun and you are curious and driven to constantly improve yourself

Your performance is higher than average and you can easily and naturally distinguish yourself from others

You naturally gravitate towards any activity that allows you to use your talents and you enjoy using your talents.

Esther Akpomukai, Founder

I’m here to inspire, uplift and help direct you towards your greatest potential! Are you ready?

In the past 23 years, I have worked in various sectors and have helped various multinationals where I was given regional and global responsibility for HR Learning and Development, Talent Management and Employee engagement. What a journey it has been, full of joyful moments and moments of growth.

Optimising human potential has always inspired me, which led to me founding Light Up Your Talent in 2012. A performance enhancing and wellbeing company that guides people in effectively managing their talents and strengths. It is a great privilege to guide professionals, teams and leaders in their growth process through my roles as life counselor, performance & leadership coach, team process facilitator, trainer, speaker and management consultant. 

In terms of educational background, I have a master degree in Interdisciplinary social sciences and a degree in Corporate Education. I am a certified as a coach and a certified practitioner of NLP, Strengthscope® and TalentPredix™. 

Who you really are and where you really want to go lights up my talents. I’ve helped many people be in the right place doing the things they love – and crucially – being who they really are with the gifts, genius and skills they came here with.

Light Up Your Talent was founded in 2012 with the vision to inspire and facilitate individual and organisational advancement through the development and full release of human potential!