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The place to discover your potential and propel yourself forward in life!

Our Core Services

Empowering individuals and organisations to thrive. We guide you every step of the way.

Talent scans

We make use of state-of-the-art talent scans grounded in scientific research offering individuals, teams and leaders valuable insights into how they can empower themselves to bring about positive changes to their personal and professional lives.

Personal coaching

We believe that the road to success is different for everyone, as we each have unique combinations of talents, values and circumstances. We understand your uniqueness and co-design tailored coaching solutions to bring your potential to life.

Team Workshops

We provide engaging and impactful workshops for teams looking to improve their performance, collaboration, change agility and overall wellbeing by effectively utilising the talents and potential of the team.


Light Up Your Talent supports managers and HR teams in building their internal capability by providing consultancy in the area of talent development & talent management as well as certification trainings for talent scans.

The story of Light Up Your Talent

It all started with a simple yet powerful belief: engaging life from a place of strength and authenticity. This has the power to change the world.

Yet for many, knowing their strengths and weaknesses and engaging life from that vantage point of authenticity is not a given. We wanted to play a role in this.

Often times organisations pay little attention to the talents of employees. Employees are seen in terms of what their roles requires them to do. Yet they have a lot to offer and are much more than their roles and titles. Organisations and employees would benefit tremendously if an integral perspective on employees would be adopted, looking not only at available competenties but also at natural talents and developmental potential.

This experience is what led Light Up Your Talent to be created. Over the years, Light Up Your Talent has worked with many students, individuals, professionals, freelance trainers and coaches and organisations varying from SME’s to multi-nationals, from educational to governmental and from family-owned to start-ups.

We are on a mission to empower individuals and organisations in their growth process through the development and full release of talent potential.

“I got out of the session feeling more equipped and confident! The confidence was not only linked to my ability to solve one specific problem, but the kind of confidence you’ll have from knowing yourself better, feeling more content, and regaining the power to manage future challenges with the kindest and most authentic self”

Participated in a coaching programme

Tap Into Your Innate Talents and shape your future!

We’re here to listen, collaborate, and facilitate your vision forward. Whether it’s through an email or a phone call, initiating a conversation is the first step towards your success.

“We are very grateful we had the opportunity to work with Esther over two months to learn about our individual and team strengths. She approached every conversation and specifically our team event with a huge portion of empathy, positivity, paired with knowledge and underlying understanding of this whole process and opportunities. She helped us to see and honour more facets of our personalities and how we can leverage from our strengths as a team”

Participated in a Team programme

Focussing on talents is important

Our talents come so natural to us that we sometimes take them for granted

We are naturally drawn towards activities that allow us to use our talents and feel energised and in a state of natural flow when doing those activities. Our experience of time and place changes.

Higher Performance

When playing/working with our talents, we naturally excel in what we do and show outstanding performance. We achieve our goals with ease and confidence. Our performance & creativity levels are higher than average.

Fun and Fast Learning

When what we are learning is aligned with our talent potential, we are intrinsically motivated to learn. The learning process is fun and we learn more effectively. We are driven to constantly improve ourselves.

Overall sense of wellbeing

Organisations that focus on the talents of their employees experience a lower turnover in staff and improvement in employee engagement and wellbeing.

“I’ve worked with Esther for the last few months and her support has been invaluable. I reached out to her for consultancy support to up-skill the team on strengths based coaching and strengths based leadership workshops. Esther has not only given us the confidence and skills to deliver but also has gone over and beyond with the resources she procured to enable us to continue to deliver and support our teams internally. I really appreciate the knowledge and expertise that Esther brings and her caring, people centric approach”

Participated in a consultancy programme