Discover what makes you truly unique and use these qualities to achieve your goals with ease and fun! 


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Our approach

At Light Up Your Talent we make use of the strengths-based approach that has it’s origins in positive psychology. Our strengths are the underlying qualities that energise us and we are naturally good at or have the potential to become great at (source: strengthscope). You can read more about the benefits of the strengths-based approach below.

You are truly unique!

No two individuals have the same “strengths” profile. Strengths-based assessments assume that we are all unique and that our path to success is different for each one of us.

It is about you as a person

We often focus on the specific skills, knowledge and behaviors that we associate with success in a particular job/position. However, unlike competencies, strengths relate to you as a person and not to your job title.

Competencies vs. strengths

Whilst our strengths reflect what energizes us, competencies are learned skills, knowledge and behaviors we have developed over the years. We are therefore not necessarily energized by our competencies in the same way as our strengths. You can learn to excel at something, but if you don’t use your natural strengths in doing so, you may have achieved a great performance, but it probably also cost you a lot of energy.

Source of intrinsic motivation and energy

Strengths are those qualities that constantly motivate and energize you throughout your life and career. Strengths boost your performance by giving you energy to stick with the task and learn new skills and productive habits so you can perform even better in these areas. When we are doing work that plays to our strengths, we feel more engaged and happy in our jobs and lives.

“Focusing on strengths is a more powerful way of accelerating learning and performance as it unlocks people’s passion and energy, helping them achieve excellence in areas more aligned with their natural strengths and personality”

Our services

Authentic and inclusive leaders

Empower your leaders to bring about meaningful and sustainable change in an authentic and inclusive way.

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Strong teams

Play to your team’s strengths and experience higher levels of performance, collaboration, trust and employee engagement.

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Fulfilling career

Discover what makes you truly unique and use these qualities to achieve your goals with ease and fun!

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Great relationships

Experience great and effective relationships where there is mutual understanding and appreciation.

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Inspirational talks

We provide guest lectures to students on personal and collective leadership and authentic career development.

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Empowering HR Teams

We provide consultancy services to HR teams with the development of their talent management programs.

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Articles to reflect upon and to create positive change in your life.

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