What are the beautiful qualities you carry with you and to what degree are you using them to achieve your goals?


Welcome to Light Up Your Talent! We are delighted that you are visiting us, the place where data-driven insight into human behaviour and potential meets an empathic and culturally sensitive personal approach! We support professionals, leaders and teams in optimising their talent potential so they can experience effective leadership that is authentic and inclusive, higher quality team collaboration and better alignment between job performance and sense of wellbeing. Check out our services for more information and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Our approach

We make use of different approaches, with an important one being the talent-based approach that has it’s origins in the science of positive psychology. Every individual is unique as each person has a unique combination of natural talents, learned competencies and core values. At Light Up Your Talent, we leverage this uniqueness when co-creating solutions with our clients as the road to success is different for each individual. We see talents as qualities that come natural to us and enable us to perform exeptionally well if we have developed this potential. When applying your talents, you may notice the following:

You feel energized, may forget and loose sense of time and can experience a state of flow

You learn faster, easier and with more fun and you are curious and driven to constantly improve yourself

Your performance is higher than average and you can easily and naturally distinguish yourself from others

You naturally gravitate towards any activity that allows you to use your talents and you enjoy using your talents

“I very much enjoyed working with Esther. Her broad professional experience and corporate background allows her to combine valuable work related insights and methodologies with a personal approach”

Our solutions

Performance and wellbeing

Realise your professional ambitions in an authentic way whilst maintaining a healthy balance with your private life. This coaching programme will give you powerful insights into your natural talents, your unique career success factors and core values.

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Leading with impact

This programme for authentic and inspiring leadership, guides managers and executives in optimising their talents and competencies so they can experience increased performance, higher engagement levels and inspire their people to make the most of their diverse talents.

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From team building to team effectiveness

Do you have the right team composition and climate to achieve your team goals? Are you effectively using the qualities of your team? This programme supports teams in achieving increased performance, better collaboration and higher levels of trust and engagement.

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HR Consultancy

We provide consultancy and project support to HR teams to enhance the employee experience through the lens of talent optimization. We provide support in the area of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, retention and engagement.

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You are infinite possibilities unfolding each and every day towards the greatest version of yourself!