Optimising your Talent Capacity!

Light Up Your Talent offers services to professionals and organisations to optimise their talent capacity so they can experience higher job fulfillment and greater employee performance and wellbeing.


What are talents?

Talents are natural qualities that allow us to perform at our best and feel energised, when we have developed this potential. Talents can therefore be a potential or a strength. We all have multiple talents. Whilst we may share some talents with others, it is the combination of our talents that make us unique and influence how we show up at work/in life. Organisations that support employees in applying talents at work, experience higher levels of performance, engagement, retention and employee wellbeing. When we play to our talents, we are likely to experience:





We achieve our goals with ease and confidence, our performance and creativity are high, and we easily excel in what we do


We are intrinsically motivated to learn, we learn faster, easier and with more fun and are driven to constantly improve ourselves


We naturally gravitate towards activities that enable us to use our talents and feel energised and in flow whilst doing them

Positively transform your work experience!

by discovering your natural talents
… and setting yourself on a path of aligning your work activities more with your natural talents and who you really are


4 questions you want to answer for your team

1. Does my team have the capacity to achieve the objectives?

2. Why is my team is facing certain challenges and how can this be mitigated?

3. What qualities should I look out for when recruiting new team members to complement the team’s strength?

4. Whom can I allocate to which project for optimal performance and engagement?

Take the first step today with a talent scan for your team!


Do you recognise this?

  • You have a brand-new team that needs to get up to speed
  • You would like your team to have the tools to deal with change
  • Your team is experiencing conflicts/underperformance
  • Your team is not communicating/collaborating effectively
  • Your team is doing great, and you want your team to go to it’s next level

Our team program supports teams in building the capabilities required to become more self-reliant, purposeful, connected, and change agile. They will learn to use their talents and expertise to increase their team performance, team collaboration and sense of wellbeing. Our team programs consist of a combination of talent assessments, personal & team coaching and workshops.


Do you recognise this?

  • You would like to discover your talents and your natural leadership style
  • You would like to know how well your leadership style fits with the needs of your team
  • You would like to know what successful and inspiring leaders do and how you can incorporate these aspects into your leadership habits
  • You have been promoted to a leadership role and are looking for ways to bring about positive change within your team
  • You would like to optimise your performance by knowing when to strategically collaborate/partner with others

Our leadership development programs support leaders in becoming self-aware, high performing and inspiring leaders that can effectively create the environment that enables their team members to thrive and effectively utilise their talents and expertise to deliver real value to their clients and stakeholders.


Do you recognise this?

  • You are ready to take the next step in your career
  • You want to prepare for interviews using your professional brand
  • You have started a new job and could use professional support
  • You are experiencing challenges at work and are looking for support
  • As a parent you are looking to balance your work and home life

Our transformational coaching programs are custom made and can cover any of the topics mentioned above. They take place online and can vary between 1 to 5 sessions.

Talent Management

Talent Management is one of those words when you ask people about it, you are likely to get different answers …

  • Some see talent management as strategic HRM
  • Some see talent management as the systematic identification and advancement of A-performers into A-positions (exclusive view)
  • Others see talent management as the optimal use of the qualities of all employees to achieve the organisational objectives (inclusive view, from the perspective of the organisation)
  • Others associate talent management with talent development

This is one of the challenges facing organisations today as talent management is multi-facetted. Most organisations don’t have a vision or shared definition for talent management. They are doing elements of talent management, but in a fragmented and non-coherent way. As a result they are not able to optimise the talents, experience and drive of their employees.

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